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What kind of teachers we want.

  • Open-minded, free of most stereotypes, quick-witted, long for traveling, a bit crazy but responsible, passionate freaks, open to everything new they face. A good teacher must get interested in everything, whether it is boxing and motorcycles, or gardening and pets. The more interested you are in students' hobbies, the more they are interested in studying with you, the more you guys enjoy working together. If you take it, you're exactly what we need!
  • The second point is surely your level of English. It must not be lower than Advanced.
  • And, finally, you have to have a microphone, headphones, access to a stable broadband Internet connection, and ability to use Skype, of course :)

What you'll get from us:

  • provision of most of educational material; 
  • good earnings; 
  • working with cool folks, not those nerdy schoolmarms :D 
  • a possibility to develop (if you folks have good ideas on teaching or other things connected with English language, we can think of smth all together and develop it). 

To get it started fill out the application form

All the best :)

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